Clare Kite - Pound Rock Fitness/Zumba

Clare C Kite wil be Joining us in the Fitness Tent
7 years ago, after 16 years in management, I'd had enough of a desk and decided to train as a group fitness instructor. Massive change, but I’ve never looked back!
I’ve taught various formats, but my passion’s are ZUMBA® and POUND®!
I love the freedom of ZUMBA, and have seen many times what a difference it can make to my participants. It’ll leave you sweating and smiling in equal measure! Pure happy vibes 😄
Pound is just as awesome, but so different!
It’s an amazing Rockout, Workout experience.
Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an awesome total body workout!
You will work every muscle, smash out your stress, and feel like a Rockstar!
I’m proud to be a member of the Official Pound Tour Crew, a group of brand ambassadors #MakingNoise around the globe!
I can’t wait to party with you! ⚡️

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