Alex Mechanikool Peters - Street Dance

Alex will be joining us in the family area with some exciting street dance workshops 
Mechanikool has been a student of the street dance art form known as Popping, Electric Boogaloo and Animation. He has been practising this style for 19 years so far and is still active as far as studying the style and teaching it to others.
He is very passionate about teaching, mentoring and coaching. This has demonstrated through his work as a mentor in inner city London schools and youth clubs across London and UK. As an active member of the street dance community, mechanikool has reputation for his ability to teach many students across various generations in the street dance community both in UK and internationally.
Mechanikool was UK popping champion in 2009 & 2011. He has also won many other respected street dance competitions.
Other interests include learning about communities and understanding value systems of individuals and groups, youth issues, mental health etc. Mechanikool will be venturing into new avenues that will allow him to explore these interests.
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