Louise Burdett - Mindful Dreamscapes Charcoal Drawing

We’ll create charcoal drawings which will unravel slowly as you work the charcoal onto the paper using your fingers, rag and rubber, building tone and contrasting the light and dark areas on the page. This is an extremely enjoyable exercise and one that will help your basic drawing technique.

Louise Burdett is a Pembrokeshire based artist living and working in Lawrenny. ‘I love painting because I find the touch of brush on canvas and the transformative powers of colour and light exhilarating. Mindful drawing allows me to transfer wasted energy from an over-anxious mind into something positive and empowering. I love unlocking the mysteries & myths of art for others through workshops and am most proud of two solo exhibitions and working with some amazing galleries, people and organisations since I moved to Pembrokeshire in 2017.