Ben Sharpe - Spoon and Spatula carving

Spoon carving is an excellent introduction to wood carving and the activity will focus on safe tool technique, form, aesthetic and practicality in utensil creation.

A fun and exciting way to create your own piece of usable art. Everyone attending will have a spoon/spatula to take away with them.

Sharpe Woodcraft is based in St Davids, Pembrokeshire and run by Ben. Ben is a third generation carpenter and joiner who loves nothing more than shaping and creating with wood. His creations range from large furniture to small utensils but each is made with a passion for quality and design. There is a profound joy in making something, shaping and joining, revealing form and beauty from wood. This joy is matched in passing on skills and knowledge to others so that they may share in the satisfaction and pride of woodcraft.

Instagram @sharpewoodcraft