***The Big Retreat Update ***

Season’s Greetings Big Retreaters

Wishing you all a restorative festive season, after what has been a difficult year for many of us.

As well as wishing you all a Merry Christmas, we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the status of The Big Retreat in 2021. Current guidance from the Welsh Government means it is uncertain if the festival can go ahead in the spring of next year. However, with news of a vaccine in recent weeks there is hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel and we should know more in the new year.

We’re impatient to let you all know when the festival will return and will make a definitive decision by the end of February. As before all tickets will automatically be rolled over to the new dates, but if you have any further questions please refer to the FAQs in our Covid-19 Update or get in touch.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this dynamic situation, and cannot wait to welcome you all back.

We may not yet know the status of the Big Retreat, but we are planning a series of Little Retreats throughout 2021, with Open Water Retreats and a Celtic Escape already planned for the first half of the year. More details can be found at littleretreats.co.uk.

And if you haven’t already, sign up to receive The Little Retreat news for updates and receive 10% of your first booking with us.

Wishing you all the very best this Christmas and for the New Year.
With much love, Amber, Diana and all at The Big Retreat.

Instead of focusing on what we can't do - we prefer to look at what we can - we are developed a new network for TBRW to share our community on-line  - bringing you podcasts, yoga, fitness, music, arts & crafts , comedy & cookery. 

Which is now FREE for all to join

You are part of The Big Retreat family  and we want to keep in touch, to keep sharing the positivity and ensure our little community sticks together through some challenging times ahead.

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Q - The Big Retreat Wales has been postponed. Will my ticket be valid for the revised dates?
A - Yes, your tickets will be  automatically rolled over and valid for the revised dates . You don’t need to do anything. 
Q - I have a day ticket - do I need to do anything or register again for the new dates?
A - Once we have the new dates, your Day Ticket will be valid for the Day you bought it for (eg a Saturday for Saturday or Sunday for Sunday of the Festival ). You don’t need to do anything. 
Q - I bought Under 5yo or Youth tickets - if they have Birthdays before the next dates - will they still be valid or will I have to pay more?
A - We will honour all Under 5YO or Youth Tickets for the revised Festival dates, even if they are that 1year older!
Q - I bought my Ticket on the Partial Pay Scheme - will you honour that ticket too?
A - Yes. We will honour Partial Pay Tickets & roll them over to the next Festival. You can choose to pay your plan in full or stop future payments and roll over the deposits paid - we will take your deposit forward to the next Festival. Email us at hello@thebigretreatwales.co.uk if you wish to suspend your plan. 
Q - What are the dates for the new Festival ?
A - We are seeking the next best available dates but as yet these are undecided. We will be in touch as soon as they are decided. 
Q - Can I get a refund in stead of a rolled over ticket?
A -  We are having to postpone the festival due to a 'force majeure’- circumstances totally beyond our control. With 8 weeks to the festival we lost all revenue, paid deposits, paid wages and invested significantly in the 2020 festival set up.  Under our Terms and Conditions,  we need to ensure the ticket you purchased can be used at the postponed festival. However, as an alternative, once we have announced the revised Festival dates, we will set up a market place on our social media site for you to sell your tickets to a future Festival go-er. As a gesture of good will and in keeping with our ethos, we will not charge an admin fee for this change of name.

Q - Will the programme, speakers and line up be the same for the next Big Retreat? 
A - We will aim to keep the programme the same where possible, subject to speakers being available for the new dates.  
All Camper Van and Camping Tickets will be valid for new Festival  Dates.
Q - I booked the Extended Camping Option to stay on longer - will that be valid for the next Festival? 
A - Yes, your Camping extension will be valid for 4 days immediately after the Festival finishes on the private campsite .

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